Entrust your homes to our architects and designers. Their experience will be able to interpret your personal tastes, managing to create the home of your dreams.

Choose with them the best furniture on the market from the classic and modern collections, which will be able to make your homes personal and unique.

Atmosfere’s designers will create the perfect home for you, to be experienced with joy.

The heart and soul of the team is Giuseppe Manzoni:

Giuseppe Manzoni was born in Oggiono in the province of Lecco in 1962.
He studied at the Polytechnic Design School of Milan, where he was a student of Bruno Munan, Alberto Rosselli, Isao Hosoe.
He graduated in Industrial Design in 1976.
He later worked with the Ramstein studio and the de Vries studio.
An enthusiast and expert on antique and contemporary rugs, over the years he has curated monographic exhibitions on the theme.
Since the 1980s, he was worked specifically in interior design and industrial design, dealing with installations in Italy and abroad.
He designs home interiors, store showrooms, offices, hotels.
A member of ADI, he designs for companies in the sector of furniture, lighting and furniture accessories, dealing with the global image and art direction.

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