“Those who live in a nest know the winds, those who live in a cave know the rain” (ancient Chinese proverb)

In life, everything is a matter of “atmosphere”. It lets us breathe – the Earth’s atmosphere – it makes us feel good – a positive atmosphere – or, vice versa, very bad. The home is an atmosphere, that around which a good part of our life revolves. In order to enjoy it ideally, everyone needs to feel perfectly at ease.

We at Atmosfere contribute to improving people’s lives by offering them high quality furniture that will make their homes the perfect places in which to enjoy the best moments that life has to offer. Quality and design, ergonomics and practicality. Homes furnished by Atmosfere designers are able to transform the personality and dreams of their customers into their perfect home.

Paraphrasing the ancient Chinese proverb, we at Atmosfere live in a home and we know design and furnishings.
Allow us to share our experience with you.

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